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Pforta, or Schulpforta, is a former Cistercian monastery, Pforta Abbey (1137-1540), near Naumburg on the Saale River in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The remains of the monastery include the 13th century gothic church; it is a cross-vaulted, colonnaded basilica with an extraordinarily long nave, a peculiar western faade, and a late Romanesque double-naved cloister. What remains of the original building (113740) is in the Romanesque style, while the restoration (12511268) belongs to the early Gothic. Other buildings are now used as dormitories and lecture halls. There is also the Frstenhaus ("prince's house"), built in 1573. Schulpforta was one of the three Frstenschulen ("prince's schools") founded in 1543 by Maurice, Elector of Saxony (at that time Duke), the two others being at Grimpla and at Meissen.
The patroness of the abbey was the Blessed Virgin Mary.
In 1543, Duke Moritz opened a national school in the abbey. From 1935 til 1945 Schulpforta was an all male academy. The name of the school was the "Naumburg/Saale Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt" or "NAPOLA".
It is now a celebrated German public boarding school, called Landesschule Pforta.

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