Derge Rain Retreat Festival ,Tibet

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Derge Rain Retreat Festival ,Tibet

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High Altitude Genes Discovered
Think that living during tall rise only takes a little acclimation? ...Well, a Tibetans have we beat since they essentially have genes that a rest of us do not have, genes that allow them to live during such tall altitudes without compromising their bodily functions.

For a infancy of us adjusting to altitude, where a atmosphere is really thin as well as oxygen levels have been low, requires a bodies to furnish some-more red red red red blood cells in sequence to bind as well as circulate a oxygen indispensable to maintain normal body function.

However, this causes a problem. More red red red red blood cells lead to red red red blood that is too thick as well as viscous, a condition known as polycythemia, that can means clots. However, Tibetans dont develop tall red red red red blood dungeon counts, nor do they believe other symptoms of rise sickness such as flourishing of a lungs as well as brain. As some-more research is finished to examine a genetic role of such adaptations, believe might arise that can lead to novel methods of disease treatment.

The study is published online in ScienceExpress by researchers from a University of Utah School of Medicine as well as Qinghai University Medical School. [via HealthDay]
Derge Gonchen a county capital; Tibetan population: that is considerably increasing in summertime when a Rain Retreat Festival attracts visitors from all parts of Kham.
Derge county is often regarded as a cultural, if not a geographical, heart of Kham.